These days, one-on-one marketing that is, contacting people directly is fast becoming one of the best forms of marketing available.

This is happening for some very sound reasons:

  • Better response rates
  • Higher sales
  • Improved profitability, and
  • the creation of a saleable asset

This information is designed to give you insight into some of those benefits and just why your customer database is so important to the future of your marketing.

A Gold Mine at your fingertips

As business owners, we’re constantly looking for people to sell to.  You know, people who match our products and services, people who want what we’ve got, appreciate that we offer value for money, and more.

These people are called your customers. And other people like those soon-to-be customers who have made inquiries.

Amazingly, the opportunity to tap into this huge resource as a marketing method is lost time and time again.


Because we say we’re too busy, wouldn’t know where to start to capture the all-important customer details needed to make this asset work for our businesses.  Mostly because it seems more important (and sometimes easier) to concentrate on continually winning new customers instead of tapping into the hottest list in town – your customers.

Your customer database affects 1 of the 4 key ways to grow your business.

There are 4 fundamental ways to grow your business:

  • Win new customers
  • Get them to come back to you more often
  • Get them to spend more when they do, and
  • Improve the processes in your business to ensure that you achieve the first 3
You see, the more times your customers purchase from you, the greater your profits.  And the greater your profits, the greater the longevity of your business. 

Because you paid to acquire a customer on the first sale, every other sale after that has no cost other than the cost of the goods itself or the labour to complete the service, both of which would be covered in the price.  So, the more sales you make to a past customer, the more profits you keep.

It’s Like the Icing on The Cake and It’s A Huge Opportunity for YOUR Business.