Imagine this – you are in your business, answering phones, talking with staff, juggling all the elements of your business at once – marketing, sales, staff, cash flow, debtors, creditors, suppliers and more.  You’re extremely busy, you’ve forgotten to each lunch, you have a pile of paperwork that you’ll take home and do it into the night.  And on it goes.

This is working IN your business.

Now picture this instead….You’ve taken 4 steps back from your business and you’re looking at it objectively saying ‘Ok, that’s my business over there, now what do I want to do with it?’  What will this business do? How will it be? What do I want it to be like? What does it need to do to give me my life, to free me up from working all the time?

Imagine your business as a lump of clay.  What would you mold it into?  What would make it perfect for you, and perhaps for someone else?

This is working ON your business.

“When you WORK ON your business you’re working on TOMORROW’S income

Working ‘on’ your business is the difference between your business providing you with a job OR immense wealth and satisfaction.

Initially you may spend as little as 1 hour a day or half a day a week.  You can than build up to more, it just depends on your circumstances.

What does “working ON it mean?  Simply developing key systems – systems for everything! 

A Number Of Things Happen when you systematise processes.  First, YOU don’t have to do the process.  Second, others less skilled than you can do it.  Third, when you systematise, you automatically develop what we call ‘a way of doing it here’.

That ‘way of doing it here’ not only makes things happen in a totally predictable way, it also makes your business worth much more.  Why?  Because you have a way of doing it here.

It is a different way of thinking and it depends on the systems of operation. Business life Coaching can help you apply those thought processes and those systems to your business