There are just so many other issues involved in a purchase decision that it’s naive to think price really is the driving factor for all customers and potential customers.  Instead it’s simply another significant element of your marketing and must be considered as that – a part of your marketing whole, rather than the beginning and the end!

What do you you look for when you shop?

First and foremost, you’re probably looking for something that solves a need or a problem you might have.  Something that offers good quality could be important, too.  Ideally,you’d probably want to buy from a business where you receive excellent service.  Value for money and price could be important, warranties, delivery times, how you pay and much much more.  These are just some of the items that could be important to you as a customer.

It’s easy to see that most people never shop on price alone.

In the search for some answers, one survey found that when people where asked why they choose not to deal with a business or to leave a business and go to a competitor, 68% said ‘Perceived Indifference’.  This is when customers or potential customers feel you or your team members are indifferent toward them.  Indifferent meaning they’re given the impression you couldn’t care less if they purchased from you or not.

It is obvious that some industries are more price-sensitive than others and it may therefore vary for your business.  But it’s critical to remember that in every walk of life all over the world, people really do purchase along these lines. 

Focusing on customer service, improving what it is you do, doing something out of the box or different, and offering genuine advice on how a product or service will make a difference in a customer’s life – rather than just price – will increase your sales.

Customers who feel they’ve been served well, received value for money, and got good service will often buy a product or service without overly considering the price.  Contact Metta from Align Business Life Coaching to find out more.   Get your business earning you more money today.