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Do you feel like you are working for your business?

If you are in business, you are someone who wants to earn a a decent amount of money and have the freedom to do the things you enjoy.  But at the moment there’s a problem….

You’re exhausted from working long hours and you are not reaping the rewards from your efforts. You’re doing everything yourself and you’re at the point of burnout and stagnation.  You start to ask yourself…what am I doing? Why is this so hard?

The good news is that is does not have to be hard, you just need to understand the basic fundamentals and the process of going about it is easy to master.

Do you want your business to be performing better?

I can help you:
  • Manage your cashflow
  • Understand financial jargon
  • Look at your Mindset 
  • Re-design your Business processes

Do you want to grow your business?

There is always room for improvement and I can help you:
  • Set a SMART Goal
  • Make you accountable for achieving your goal
  • Work on your business
  • Get the most from you and your team

Are you planning to start-up a business?

Are you stuck at the implementation stage?  Taking the first step can be daunting.  Perhaps you’re asking yourself, Will I succeed?  Can I do this?  Am I ready?  How am I going to manage my finances? These are important questions but with my business and financial management experience, I will help you with:

  • The tools to help you get started and stay on track
  • Calculating how much money you need to break-even save for tax and pay yourself a wage
  • Cashflows & spending plans

Do you want to be financially abundant?

Are you someone who sees themself as being financially abundant or do you focus on wanting financial abundance? 

It it’s the later, then you’ll be attracting the wanting of financial abundance rather than obtaining financial abundance.  Limiting beliefs surrounding money can contribute to the cause of what’s preventing money flowing to you.  

Do you want your business to be a success?

I’ll help you gain greater self-awareness about your beliefs that you have about achieving success.

I’ll help you uncover those beliefs, values and unfulfilled needs which are creating the obstacles holding you back from achieving your goals.  

I’ll help you change from the inside  so you can access your full potential.

“I focus on what you need and the cause of what’s stopping you from been where you want to be”.

Do you want to create change in your life.

You may dream of success but just can’t get there.  This may be for many reasons – the fear of failure, undeserving of success & money, not knowing what to do or where to start, working alone and not having someone keep you on track and be that guiding hand. 

For some, moving to the next level may mean growth and expansion or greater profits and for others, it’s improved efficiencies.

Conflict arises within ourselves when we start looking at what we really want (our heart) versus what the mind is telling us.  It can lead to confusion and stress and you may start to ask yourself “Why does it feel like a struggle” and “Why don’t I enjoy this anymore”.   The roles we play and the limited time we have during the day can cause us to lose ourselves.  It can be a struggle to maintain your health, relationships, work and finances. 

Engaging a business life coach will alleviate the stress of working through the changes that need to take place.  Change means breaking habits, doing something new and different.  With guidance and support, the process can be UPLIFTING, EXCITING AND REWARDING. 

“We are what we are because of our Thinking”

How I am different to most business coaches.

I keep it simple so you’re not overloaded with information that is not going to benefit you.
My methods address the fundamentals of business which will get your business working for you so you earn more money and enjoy life.

Traditional business coaches will waste your time and money because they adopt a process which is driven by determination, will power and motivation.  My holistic approach covers all aspects so you will achieve your goal.

Most of all, I know exactly what you are going through.  I started my own business and worked twelve hour days.  I did a lot of juggling and spread myself too thin.  I ended up been a slave to my business and I thought to myself, there must be an easier way.  But then I discovered what it was that was holding me back and realized I had to break old habits and patterns that no longer served me.  That is what conditioning is all about and once you realize that, your life will never be the same.

What my clients have to say:

“My coaching experience with Metta was very good.  Metta was professional and non-judgemental.  Together we worked through different strategies which I had not considered before so I have a lot more time now to spend on areas which provide value to our business”.

Julie Shields, Maleny Luxury Cottages

“I have been working with Metta regularly over the past 12 months as our business went through a rapid growth stage.  Metta’s approach is methodical and calm and she always thinks outside the box.  She always provides clarity and direction which helps us stay focused on our goals”.

Annette & Laurie Stock, Denmark Farmhouse Cheese & Ducketts Mill Wines

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